First Summer Campout

At the last minute Jeff and I decided to pull together a weekend camping trip. We have gotten spoiled with my parent's cabin. I love camping and it has been so long since we have been able to rough it with the kids. Actually, with the "potty shed" and water I wouldn't call it roughing it. Joelle was grumpy the whole way there (only 1.5hrs) saying that she hated camping and she didn't want to go. She said she was scared of everything to do with camping. Growing up, I was blessed to have parents that took us to outdoors frequently. I have learned to appreciate the beautiful scenery and the special moments that come with it. I valued family time, catching fish, hiking or seeing other wildlife. I want my girls to have that opportunity. I didn't start out that way, I used to have a hard time camping when I was little. I would throw up almost every time I went. I didn't like the bugs (still don't), I didn't like hiking (now I love it), I hated the cold (still hate cold), I hated having to pee in the bush and having urine on my legs because I didn't squat right, either that or I was scared of a bug going to my bum... if there was an outhouse I was terrified of it too. It all changed, well, most of it changed for me. Maybe Joelle will be the same. Actually, once we got there the girls had so much fun. We avoided the words such as "mosquitoes and bears". Not easy to avoid bears since the campground was called "Bad Bear."


Stephanie said…
It looks like you had fun. Joelle was telling me and mom how much fun she had, so she must like it at least a little bit
mom2jope said…
Fun! We had to avoid the word bug and I couldn't tell Jordan that the three mosquito bites on his legs were that or else he would start freaking out while we were camping, so I feel you!
Lynne said…
Great pictures and looks like lots of fun.
I'm so glad you took the girls. Growing up we didn't have very much money. We would all load up the car and go camping. (We didn't have to pay for the campsites) We didn't even have a tent. I still remember making a soft bed out of pine needles. We did have sleeping bags though! Lots of good memories and it was fun.