First trip of the summer

It is not surprising to say that our first trip of the summer was down to Utah. We stayed with my sister Diane and her family. The kids got to play with their cousins. They loved it so much. We went to their REC center. It is pretty amazing place. Has outdoor and indoor pool with a lot of aquatic features, indoor skating rink, and much more. It was very inexpensive to go. Too bad Idaho doesn't have a place like that, that isn't over 20 bucks. We also went to Hill Airforce Museum in Ogden. We all enjoyed it but I think Jeff liked it the most. I am sure he would like to go back again someday and actually read the signs and watch the documentaries.

Jeff looks so sexy!

Lunch time at the pool

Gabrielle looks cute no matter how daddy dresses her.

Jeff pondering before his platform jump

Diane with the kids. She is a wonderful mom and aunt!


Stephanie said…
I love the pictures. I am glad you had a good time. Did Jeff ever jump? Did you jump? How come he didn't go to the higher one? :O)
JJ:) said…
Where in Utah is that...I want to look dang good by the way!!!
Lynne said…
We have Gabrielle's little fairy doll toy. I found it after you left and forgot to call and tell you. I'll bring it up in a few weeks when we come for David's wedding.