Joelle's Preschool Graduation

This past week Joelle graduated from preschool. It has been such a fun but challenging year for her. She had a wonderful teacher, Ginger Summers, who did a great job with her. Thanks Lynne for your recommendation! Joelle and her classmates put on a great program, she sang EVERY song! Which is completely opposite of how she does in primary. I can't believe that the next step is Kindergarten!

This is our carpool group, Joelle's friends, Sydney, Jace and Brox

Just look how small she is!

Her awesome teacher, Ginger Summers.


Stephanie said…
She is soooooooooooo cute!!!! I can't believe she will be in Kindergarten next fall
I hear my mother but I have to say it anyway . . . her class was soooo fun to watch as the performed the songs and activities. They were so cute. I am so glad you reminded us to come. I would have been very sad to miss it. And Steph was right when she said she was soooo cute!
What! She already going to school next year! She is so small! It's ok to be a small petite girl though:) Joseph still has 2 more years until he starts school. Whew! I worry about Derek though. He's going to go nuts when Joseph starts school without him. Even though they are 19 months apart they will still be 2 years apart in school. Derek is so competative he does almost everything Joseph does, including recognizing letters and numbers! What am I going to to do???