I have been feeling a little crafty lately. Having 3 girls has inspired my feminine side (sorry Jeff, not the cooking side). A few months ago mom and I learned how to make bows. Recently, I decided to make skirts for the girls (thanks to help from Mom Garner). It turned out pretty good for a first time. I was able to get pictures of them, I had to hurry because Gabrielle drools so much, her shirt doesn't stay dry, ever!

I learned how to make bracelets and necklaces with beads.

I was able to sell a bunch of our stuff on craigslist to help purchase a brand new bosch and wheat grinder! It is so much easier making bread.

I would LOVE to express my feminine side more by shopping for new clothes, shoes, tanning, waxing, manicures.....you get the picture. Unfortunately, I have to wait for sugar daddy to kick it up.

Job Hunt Update:
Jeff is still turning in applications all the time. We were surprised when he received a call the other day for an interview tomorrow (Monday). It is a company called ECCO, located in Boise. We would love for him to get this job. So, please pray for him!


Stephanie said…
I love the skirts. You did a great job.
Unknown said…
Those skirts are ADORABLE! Almost as adorable as your little ladies! ;) And yes, we'll definitely keep Jeff in our prayers for happy job news!!!
Tina said…
Super cute! Are you taking orders?? That is such a good idea! I would love a Bosch. To date I have to do have of my bread in the Kitchen Aid and the last part by hand. It works. We are headed your way soon. We will have to get together!
So cute! I keep seeing too many cute girl things and it is making me want one! You will love your bosch and wheat grinder!