March Madness

Gabrielle at 4 months
(I was just comparing this picture to Addie in the old main family picture on the blog. Don't they look like twins?)

We had Spinach Eggs and made hats for St. Paticks Day.

Joelle and Addie after her birthday party. (This should be the last picture butI don't know how to arrange the order)

Emma and Joelle

Birthday girl!

In the last few weeks Addie turned 3. For her birthday we went to "Princess and the Frog." It was her first time going to the movie theatre. The girls wore their princess costumes. Unfortunately, she didn't like the movie so much. The Shadowman was a little too scary for her.

After her birthday all 3 girls got sick with one thing or another. Pink eye, hives, cough, fever, diarrhea, and congestion. Turns out they all had RSV too. We went to the doctor 4 times in two weeks. It was hard watching Gabrielle struggling to breathe. Jeff had to give her a blessing one night. After that night she started getting better. Whew!

Another thing that has been happening is the March Madness. I spent what I thought was a good amount of time analyzing my bracket but I guess it wasn't enough. I am in last place. Surprise surprise... Jeff actually has the lead in the Garner family. One good thing I like about basketball is that it isn't as long as football but I enjoy watching football more. It would be perfect if football could be condensed under 2 hours.


Lynne said…
They do look like twins! So cute--all of them.