Happy New Year!

We were hoping to be able to go up to my parent's cabin to celebrate with my family New Years but we didn't have snow clothes for the girls. We decided to stick it out at home and have a party here. It turned out to be a fun celebration with the Garner family. There was a lot of snow and the roads were bad and sacrifices were made by everyone to get here. Some drove on the freeway 35 mph, some had their cars end up in the ditch, and some just couldn't get out. We were sad that Steve and Katherine's family couldn't come but at the same time glad that they played it safe. Thanks to all those that came and made the evening fun!

Here is Gabrielle and her big smile!

I wish I had a video of this picture, David was going all out singing along with Rock Band! It was so fun to watch!

Dad is getting a head start on his New Year's resolutions.

The girls stayed up until 10:00pm. It was late enough, Joelle crashed the next day in the hallway.
Unfortunately, I fell asleep at 11:30.


Lynne said…
We told Lucas he could stay up as late as he wanted to on New Years Eve. Then at 10 we said, 'Never mind, go to bed.' We didn't make it until 12 either. It was just us and we were tired. Of course I'm not getting up in the night with a new baby. I don't know what my excuse is. I just don't know how to party anymore!
Tina said…
I love Joelle crashed out! Don't you wish we could sleep like that. Gabrielle is getting so big, you gotta love the smile!!! How are you feeling? Hopefully really good!!