Gabrielle Ruth Garner

When Joelle saw Gabrielle at the hospital she started singing to her. She says "Gabrielle loves me because I sing to her."

This is Joelle, she is following the infection control protocol, wearing a mask, when within 3 feet of Gabrielle :) (unfortunately there were numerous other violations)

Addie is very excited about Gabrielle.

Proud dad of his new little girl! Joelle keeps reminding him that he is the only boy!

I am so amazed as I am blogging here, Gabrielle is sleeping here next to me. She is finally here. I have been anxiously waiting to meet this little girl. Those who know me, know that I don't cry easily. I find myself easily into tears when I think of my precious gift and blessings that Heavenly Father has given me. Of course that may just be due to hormones. But there is no denying how much our family has been blessed with.

I must share a little bit of my birth story. You can skip it if you don't want to hear it.
I have been having contractions off and on for the last couple weeks, nothing painful really, just enough to get me dilated to 5cm. I was just waiting... I had several sleepless nights, with cramps and contractions, thinking this is it... but it would stop. So when Monday came around, at 11am, it started again. I told Jeff, the pain isn't that bad but I want to hurry to get to the hospital so that I can be admitted, while having contractions. So we went, and I was admitted at 1 pm, dilated to 6cm. I was excited. They asked if I wanted an epidural, I couldn't decide. I had it with Joelle and went without when I had Adwen. Which was a very long exhausting experience. I decided, yes for the epidural. So while getting the epidural, Jeff was in front of me holding me... I am bracing myself, feeling the sensation of scraping on my back bone, it was not pleasant. Jeff suddenly says "I need to go lay down." I look up at him, sure enough, he was WHITE! My nurse goes over to help him lay down and put his feet up. Here I am with a needle in my back and Jeff, my knight in shining armour... he is not so shiny at this point. But the situation was humorous. I love my husband and he is brave, but I had to laugh. Dr. Hodges came in at this point, gives Jeff comforting words to help him feel better--mainly his ego. He breaks my water. I remain at 6 cm for a while. All this time, the epidural is only working on my left side, not on my right. The pain gets pretty intense, I call for the nurse and she checks, even though she had recently checked and I was still 6. This time I was at 9.5cm! Everyone is now racing to get things set up and to call the doctor. I am very a happy, in between contractions, that this is the end! Three contractions later, Gabrielle Ruth Garner was born. Nothing can explain how I felt when I held her. Such joy and love!

Joelle and Adwen have been very excited and so willing to help with their new baby sister. Unfortunately, they got sick with croup while we were in the hospital. They are not allowed to do much with her at this time. But they are already fighting over who gets to do what with the baby ;) The sleepless nights have begun. Jeff is such a good husband and father. He splits it with me. He gets Gabrielle when she wakes up, changes her diaper if needed then brings her to me and I feed, burp and put her to sleep. He has had to pick up a lot of extra tasks at home as well. I really appreciate his sacrfice and how much he does for our family.
I want to also say thank you for those that helped us with this transition. The dinners and help with the girls. Thank you!!!!!!
With this new week it will be interesting to see how I handle things. I am a little worried and overwhelmed with the thought, but it can be done!


Lynne said…
Congratulations, can't wait to meet her in a few weeks. She is adorable!
The Gatherers said…
Congratulations! She is really beautiful and I'm sure is such a wonderful addition to your family! I'm glad Joelle welcomed her a little more easily that she did Addy haha. Good luck with everything, and we are excited to meet her when we come up for Christmas.
Tina said…
So happy for you! I'm glad to hear you made it through another labor and delivery safely! Sweet little babies are such a blessing! You will do awesome! It might be a little crazy at first, but Clint and I were just saying today how it is so natural to have Brielle in our family now. Can't wait to see you and your precious family!