Random Things

Amazing how fast time is flying. The baby is due any time--due date is not for another cxouple of weeks but I have dilated to 3.5cm already, 80% effaced...she may just fall right out ;) or not. She is down so low, making things quite uncomfortable but it is doable...I think I say that because I know how much more challenging things will be when she is born. We are very excited about seeing our new baby girl. Will she be a "Jeff" like Addie or will she be a "Jennilynn" like Joelle or neither?

We are happy to say that we have a new van! I really love it! It is an 05 Odyssey Touring, with everything in it! Navigation, DVD, camera that comes on when you are in reverse, heated seats, a heater that works!! Plus much more! It is awesome! We got it for a good deal at an auction.

Our house in Caldwell is officially for sale again. We are going through a short sale. We had someone lined up to buy it but it fell through. Just to give you an idea how much one could get this 2269 sqft house for, the neighbor across the street, for the same sqfootage, sold his for 86K. Crazy! We bought it for for $160K. There is no way we could catch up.

I am posting up some random pictures.

Jeff likes to play with the girls and incorporate some masculinity in their play styles. While they were playing with this star wars plane (I know, there is a specific name, but I don't recall) The girls wanted to put their princesses in with the pilot. Sorry Jeff! But I think that this pilot is happy, he is one lucky pilot!

We went to utah a couple of months ago and stayed with Uncle Rick and Aunt Doris. The girls loved staying over there. It was a perfect set up and fun place for them. They have already talked about going back down there again.

These pictures were taken during the summer when we went to the Boise Zoo. The girls were excited because their Uncle Brian came along.


Lynne said…
You're almost there!! Have you decided on a 'G' name yet? Can't wait to hear what it is and meet her at Thanksgiving.