Daddy Daughter Dates

There are some advantages with Jeff being unemployed. He has been able to spend a lot of quality time with the girls. It has been really fun for them. I think I will let Jeff write about it. Here it goes:

The first group of pictures are of the girls at BSU. The football team had a scrimmage that was open to the public. The girls had more fun running around the stadium than watching the scrimmage. BSU looks good as far as I could tell. I hope the running game gets better though.
The second group of pictures are when we went an a bike ride to a park that had a big sand area. We had lunch and the girls ran through the sprinklers. On the way home the valve stem on one bike wheel sprung a leak so I had to walk the girls for about a mile.


Stephanie said…
I love those pictures!
Ashley Holladay said…
Hey Jennilynn!
I've stopped blogging for awhile, as I find it hard to keep up with it now, but mostly because I'd like to make a book out of my blog. I will start another one soon, so I'll let you know what it is at that time. For now, I'll just enjoy looking at your blog and keeping up with you on Facebook, etc. I hope you guys are doing well!