We got the camera out for Jennilynn's birthday. I had forgotten about some videos that we shot during some air soft games last summer. Most of it was a lot of nothing. I did find some good kills, well mostly audio but they are good. So be sure the sound is on or it wont make much sense. Sorry, to the two victims in this video. Thats me in the second clip jumping in the dirt to avoid being killed by Brian. Scott wasen't so lucky. Listen to the pain, a shot to the head and lip sounds like at close range. We all cryed for him.


Unknown said…

(n) A state of physical or mental suffering
(n) The action or result of inflicting loss or pain
(v) to spoil the soundness or perfection of
(v) to have or cause a feeling of physical pain or descomfort
(v) to cause physical damage to
Brian said…
Dad was so funny in that, Steph and Dad both tried to hide behind that pallet. It didn't work twice. I laugh now, I think I giggled then. I'll get mine, eventually.
I wonder if people think you guys are crazy! They probably wonder why you love war games when it sounds like you're dieing when you get hit!! It was very fun watching it though. Thanks for sharing.
Stephanie said…
I watched this MANY makes me laugh every time.

Is that wrong????