I am behind on my blog, but with a good reason. We don't have internet access at this time. I am working 5 days a week, 6-8 hours/day. While Jeff has been the super duper dad. I am so proud of him. He tries new recipes or ideas and seems to have inherited creative cooking from his mom. Whereas, I have been strictly a recipe girl. Jeff also has successfully potty trained Addie. He takes them grocery shopping, park, and the library. As I watch him overtake my role it is hard not to be envious that he is getting to be with the girls as they go through their ups and downs. Sometimes they rather be with dad than mom. Meanwhile, I find that, mentally, it is easier going to work and my days go by faster.


C & K said…
I'm proud of you and Jeff! You two are someone that Christian and I look up to. :) Love you guys!