The Reality of Things

So coming home was hard. All week I was trying to enjoy my vacation by not analyzing or thinking too deeply about our current situation. When I got home, it was overwhelming. Our renters fell through on our Caldwell house. We are now paying two house payments. Jeff had some serious problems with his manager in WY. The manager is awful. The story is a whole different blog. If you know Jeff, you know that he gets along with a lot of people. Jeff had to file a formal complaint against the guy and now, he is lashing back. Jeff was due to go to Texas, for his 3 months training, on Sunday, right when we got back. We were frustrated, didn't know what to do. Should he quit? Should I go work full time? Should we continue? We have two payments, how are we going to pay those? What more do we need to do to get our homes sold or rented? An hour before he was to leave Jeff decided that he would go, hoping that we will follow him in a week or so. But that is proving to be difficult with 2 house payments AND there are no places available anyway. They have waitlists going until January! I even tried to get a one bedroom. Apparently there is a shortage of rentals over there! Augh! Do you see the pattern here? All these different scenarios are leading to a wall.

This is proving to be a pathetic blog. Some of you are probably tired of reading about this. Know this, in the end, it will all work out. I am just voicing my frustrations. I know that I am doing everything that I can and that Heavenly Father will guide us with the rest. I wonder how long this will go on. I guess it all part of the learning curve. In the mean time, I will keep on trying to stay busy, keep the girls busy. Keep on doing all the good things.

On a happier, lighter note. Today was awesome. The girls and I played outside, with the slip and slide. I love this warm October weather. They loved playing in the water and I did too!--along with our Whale friend.


C & K said…
I had been wondering what was going on ever since your comment on Sunday. I didn't get to find out because you had to drop Addy off at nursery (hard) and I had to go to primary (equally as hard? J/K). I'm sorry that's going on. We need to get together and you need to catch me up on what's going on with Jeff's boss etc. Jeff's so easy going that I'm astonished to hear that someone has a "beef" with him. He's such a likeable guy!
Unknown said…

Don't die of shock!! I am looking at your blog and even commenting about it. Crazy, huh? THINGS WILL GET BETTER!! I'm just happy you are still here and not far, far away!

I love your blog pages though. Very nice!
Jim and Mary said…
What cute pictures of cute girls! Little did you know how the weather would change so drastically only 8 days later. We love our wonderful granddaughters!