Pink Stuff

I really should have taken a picture of this! Jeff and I (we are staying at my parents) were upstairs while our girls were, we thought, playing downstairs. Jeff went down to check on them, he said, as if it was just another occurence, "Jennilynn, is immodium AD pink?" I went and looked to see what he was talking about. Found a box of immodium but those aren't pink. I found then saw an empty box and packaging of Pepto Bismol chewables. Sure enough, the girls had pink all over their face, hands and there was pink stuff on the floor. I flipped out! I yelled "Mom to call 911 and get poison control!" Jeff thought he would call the number on the box. Which proved to be smart because they had access to poison control. The reason I flipped is because Pepto Bismol has Asprin in it. Most people don't know this. But Aspirin can cause death, Reye's Syndrome, in children. My mom knew of someone who gave their child pepto bismol and it killed him. I have heard numerous other stories in nursing school. We didn't know how much the girls ate but the poison control people said not to worry until they start throwing up, other symptoms may include, agitation, lethargy (tired), and change of consciousness... Right then the 2 police officers came. Apparently mom hung up on the operator when she called 911, thinking that she didn't need to talk to them. Advice, don't hang up! Addie started getting agitated and tired but it was close to her nap time too. I was worried but knew that the girls would be okay. They were. Note to self, there is a reason for poison control stickers, magnets and posters. Who takes the time to look for the yellow pages?


Unknown said…
Oh my word! So glad everyone's okay - I never knew Pepto Bismol was so dangerous for kids, either, so thanks for the facts!!!

And I'm SO glad that you guys are able to be together again... keeping you in our thoughts & prayers!
Heather said…
Wow! I didn't know that about Pepto either. So glad that everyone is ok and doing good. I have some poison control stickers I got at the fair...they are still in the van. Maybe I should bring them in the house and put them where I will find them:) Thanks for the reminder.
Ashley Holladay said…
Goodness! I'm sure that was quite a scare! I'm glad the girls are fine...what a relief! I am also glad you can now be together as a family again! Not only that, but you can now stay in least for the time being. Just remember Jeff can always come work with us, while he is looking for another job. Best wishes to you!