I am sitting here, eating my snack favorite of graham crackers dipped in milk. Although, I must say it doesn't quite taste right, it has a slight minty flavor. They were in my purse during sacrament meeting. I made it through another Sunday.
This Sunday was a little special. My father was called to be a bishop. My family was there. I really love families! I love family get togethers. The Cleggs and the Garners. I know that as we are getting older, it is harder, because we have our own families, we become more different as our lives change. We all have our own differences and dynamics but they are so special. You have that connection with one and another. It is up to our own selves to make the effort, but it is worth taking the time to do so. I am so grateful to be here on this earth and to be part of something so wonderful that is eternal! I love you!


Ashley Holladay said…
That is way awesome! Families are great in their own special way!