Bittersweet Homecoming

Jeff made his decision to quit his job. This was probably one of the hardest things he has ever had to do. The job was not working out for our family. Not only that but he wouldn't be able to have Sundays off and we wouldn't be able to have a consistent schedule to plan family activities. The girls and I were very excited to see Jeff come home. His flight ended up being delayed nearly an hour. The girls enjoyed going up and down the escalators and the elevators, up and down, up and down... you get the idea. The girls ran up to their Daddy when he came. It is so good to have him home. The girls are not crying or whinning as much either. We are now back in the job hunt. There is one place in Nampa Jeff is applying for and we are planning to go to Salt Lake City sometime this week to see what else he can find. Wish us luck!