Chapter 1---the Boise State ALUMNI!!!

It was exciting to hear them announce "Jeffrey Aaron Garner" and to see him get his diploma. I was worried that his name would be missed. He is so relieved to be done. It was a hard road for us. Now our new chapter starts out with finding a job. Jeff is currently working for MotivePower but they do not have enough contracts to hire him as an Engineer with salary. So while he is looking he is staying on as a Mechanical Designer. Definitely not what he enjoys, being in front of the computer all day, but at least it is a job until we find something better.


Ashley Holladay said…
I love the graduation picture. You guys are so awesome! Way to go Jeff! Jennilynn, I'm so glad you started a blog. It's seriously the best way to stay up to date on everything in each other's lives. It looks like you have the blogging thing down pretty well. I'll look forward to reading your posts! Take care!