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Relief and Distress... NO WONDER!

Last week I was activated.  I didn't update my blog because the activation was very disappointing and hard to take.   I went home feeling full of regrets.  When I was turned on, I felt vestibular fullness, hard feeling to describe, dizzy and pressure, and no sound.  My audiologist watched my face and when she turned it off, she could see immense relief.  I was just trying to be tough.  My audiologist worked with me for a bit and turned everything way down so that I would be more comfortable with it.  She gave me 5 programs to work through and a month to get there.  I did it in two days.  I am someone that will be dedicated and push myself.  I told myself I just need to train my brain.  I was hearing sounds at this point but they were all the same sound and the same note.   It was very distorting and actually harder to hear with it on.  I still kept it on 12 hours a day.  My audiologist wanted me to work up to 4 hours the first day, I did the full day.  Push push push.   I went on …

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