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Recovery Round 2

It was a relief to wake up from surgery and not have the room be spinning and to be vomiting.  NRT testing was done in the OR and CT scan was done right after surgery.  All nerves were responding and CT confirmed the placement of the implant.  This was all good news.  Recovery was much better this time around.  I still struggle with my balance, dizziness and tinnitus.  At times I get frustrated because I want to do so much more.   However, more than anything I am struggling with not being able to hear.  My word discrimination I am sure has dropped significantly.  My left ear (implanted ear) was good for lower frequencies and right ear was good for higher.  Together they were a good team, with what they had.  Now with my right ear flying solo, the struggle is much more.  I find myself avoiding conversation, even just one on one because it is simply too hard and I am too tired to concentrate.  I am saying "what?" much more. If there is any background noise, I can't hear ab…

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