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This boat is a'rockn!

It was one week ago I had my first cochlear implant surgery.It has been a week of....,you know what you would call that place of fire and brimstone.I woke up while I was still in the OR, jumping to my left side to heave and heave.The vomiting/dry heaves continued because the vertigo would not stop.I was supposed to go home.How many times have I had patients myself with similar procedures that went home within the hour or two of getting to recovery?Every time.I ended up having to stay in the hospital.My eyes would not focus or stay still.The nystagmus was ongoing.I couldn’t read, words or lips! I couldn’t just look at anything. I was literally bed bound, eyes closed.Yes, the bedpans came out.When I made it home, I just stayed in bed doing absolutely nothing but sleep and sit there.On day 3 my ear started swelling up, weeping, getting really itchy with little hives around it and on it.I was starting to fear to worse, that my body was rejecting the implant.I was worried I was going to b…

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