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I haven't been very good with writing lately.  I used to be a fairly consistent journal writer but even that has seem to have deteriorated.  It has been 6 months since my revision surgery.  There have been a lot of disappointments and struggles.  But there has been some amazing experiences as well.  It was in August when I was outside with Joelle and I kept hearing this sound repeating itself over and over.  I asked Joelle, "what is that bird that keeps going on and on?"  She said, "those are crickets!"  For the first time in my life I am hearing crickets.  It made me very curious and I was asking my daughter a lot of different questions about crickets.  How was it that there was this whole world of crickets that existed and I never knew they were there?  Did I know they existed, yes, I knew.  I have seen an occasional cricket here and there, but to hear them when I couldn't see them, I felt like the world opened up a little bit more to me.  I wondered what

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